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Western Decor

The western décor has been around for hundreds of years, creating a style that is rustic but inviting. Within the western décor category are things such as the cabin, mountain, cowboy, western, and rustic styles. These styles are all dated to the western era of cowboys and Indians.

With this style, you can use a number of materials that would include wood, metal, leather, and rock. Other interesting materials would include beadwork, birch bark, wool, and even antlers. The furniture used in the western décor is always over-sized, made from durable wood such as oak and pine. The styles are typically log or mission and are simplistic without any fuss. Here are some more ideas to consider:
  • For color, you want to stay with gray, honey colored wood and black wrought iron or metal. For accent, choose green, navy blue, brick red, and terra cotta, accented with gray, cream, or other muted tones.

  • For motif, you will find a number of choices such as deer, bear, moose, cattle, cowboys, mountains, pine trees, fishing, pinecones, acorns, leaves, oaks, lakes, rivers, horses, hunting, horseback riding, geese, wildflowers, and grass.

  • The fabrics should have texture and be rustic. This would include suede, leather, wool, denim, fur, tweed, as well as woven rugs and saddle blankets. To create accents, choose pattered tapestry and soft chenille.

  • When it comes to the western décor, you want old. Items such as a cracked leather ottoman, weathered and rusted farm tools, old, worn Indian blankets, and other such items are perfect.

  • For the bedroom, the look should be masculine but cozy. This can be achieved by using denim, chambray, woolen blankets, and a nice mixture of Native American motifs.

  • To accessorize the western room, you cn use things like twig frames or mirrors, dried flowers, sconces made of horseshoes, vintage fishing creels, and over-sized baskets. To add interest, you can use red, yellow, or blue bandanas for pillows, curtain tiebacks, placemats, napkins, or valances.

  • The floors should be a hardwood made from wide planks. To soften the look, simply choose low pile or flat woven area rugs. If you have a fireplace, a faux animal skin would be ideal.

  • To dress up the fireplace in your western room, you can use old iron tools, simple marble candleholders, a decorative screen, a bowl of pinecones, cast iron sculptures, and so on.

  • The rooms lighting needs to enhance the décor while still being functional. For the lampshades, you could use gold mica or stretched rawhide that will help illuminate a soft glow. Other lamps could be made from wood or metal, and be enhanced with various western motifs.

  • You want the window treatments to be simple and uncluttered. Another great option is to choose flat roman shades, wood blinds or shutters, or plain curtain panels.
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