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Tuscan Decor

One of the hottest styles going right now across the globe is Tuscany. Since the Tuscany décor brings to life the colorful hillsides, farmhouses, vineyards, and casual elegance of this Italian region, it is easy to see why it is so popular. With the Tuscany theme, you would find fountains, crumbling walls made of stone, rock patios covered with moss, and other beautiful elements that have an old, used look and feel.

To help you with your Tuscany room, remember that you want to create a room that is warm, rustic, and inviting. The following are some suggestions to help you get started in creating your own Tuscany room:
  • Simplicity and rustic are the goal that you want. The rooms round in Tuscany have low, dark ceilings. However, the Tuscany décor you find today are not necessarily dark but created with warm colors such as sage, terra cotta, gold, maroon, and touches of black.

  • If you are changing the exterior of your home, keep in mind that a true Tuscany home would have rustic shutters, walls covered with vine, and tile roofs. Additionally, the driveway or walkway would be lined with tall cypress trees and flowers.

  • The crumbling stonewalls are very common in Tuscany, and can be found both on the exterior and interior. If you check with your local home improvement store, you will even find materials that can be used to create the look of a crumbling wall without actually making it crumble.

  • The walls are usually color washed or created using different faux techniques. For instance, you might paint the walls a gold color and then go back over them with a glaze to create that uneven, timeworn finish that is so popular in Tuscany.

  • The architectural features you would find include arched niches, stone floors, molding, and even ceiling beam.

  • For the floor, your best choice is to go with an uneven stone, brick, or clay tile. However, a beautiful, warm ceramic tile is also an excellent option that will look great and last for years.

  • The furniture in your Tuscany room should be sturdy and make a statement. The pieces are not ornate but have a simple elegance. Typically, you would find tables accented with marble, tile, or iron and the wood itself would be made from pine or a dark wood.

  • Chicken wire is often used as the front of the kitchen cabinets. This element can be found in many new pieces of furniture such as a china hutch or armoire where chicken wire has been added in place of wood or glass.

  • For decoration accessories, anything such as flowers, olives, and grapes create the perfect final addition.

  • Terra cotta is found in most Tuscany rooms. It might be used as a planter used for accent, or as the tile in the floor.

  • If you are thinking about changing your kitchen to a Tuscany room, you want textured or tiled walls, storage that would include freestanding cupboards, natural stone sinks, and rustic hardware.

  • Finally, for accents, copper pots, pine storage pieces, a farmhouse center island, or just hanging herbs and flowers create a homey and warm room that is reminiscence of Italy.
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