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Paris Style Decor

The very word, Paris conjures up a sense of romance, glamour, and beauty. Whether you have visited Paris or not, but interested in bringing this stylish look to your own home, you can accomplish this easier than you might think. For example, the interior of a Paris apartment has a wonderful look and feel of European glamour with high ceilings, small wrought iron balconies that overlooks the Seine, and the architectural details that have that Old World charm.

The nice thing about the look of Paris is that you can choose from the period styles of Rococo, Neoclassical, or Baroque, to something more on the contemporary side such as Cabaret, Mediterranean, Old World, or Deco. Typically, with Paris style décor, you will find color themes that include white, black, and gold, often embellished with touches of red, green, or blue, all in deep tones.

To help you achieve your own Paris style room, you can follow some of the recommendations listed below:
  • Posters that show famous Paris nightspots or landmarks are excellent to spice up the walls. Other items would include faded paintings, sepia-toned photos, and antique black and white postcards.

  • Again, black is a huge part of the Paris room that can be captured with picture frames, fabrics, furniture, lampshades, and European accessories.

  • Oversized clocks are something you will see all over Paris. The best choices include large clocks that are antique pieces or good quality reproduction that have French lettering and the aged look.

  • Light fixtures are also important, giving a soft, romantic glow to the room. Wall sconces that are enhanced with silk shades, or fringed lampshades are ideal. Look for lampshades that have cording and beading as well.

  • Furniture shoud have a comfortable but rich look. Pieces such as bistro tables and chairs, over-sized ottomans, and tables with layered skirting are excellent choice. Just be sure you choose fabric that is rich and elegant.

  • Certain motifs are found in Paris, which includes hot air balloons, fleur de lis, toile, French scenery, and castles.

  • Be sure that fabrics, accessories, and furniture are not exact matches. You want the Paris room to have an aged look that is comfortable. Therefore, nothing shiny and new would be the right choices.

  • Vanity tables can be found in just about any Paris bedroom. They should be ornate and decorated with ruffles, fringe, or silk. To embellish the top, display glamorous mirrors and hairbrushes.

  • Fabrics are a big deal in a Paris décor room. Choose brocade, silk, toile, damask, and velvet to stay with the French tradition.

  • When choosing wood furniture, stay with pieces that are dark, painted in black or ivory, crackled, distressed, or anything that has that aged look to it.

  • For accessories, you could use pieces such as vintage mirrors, garden statuary, hatboxes, silk pillows, flowers and plants, fine china, porcelain figurines, candelabras, and certain architectural pieces such as columns.

  • To take care of the windows, any type of window treatment that is flowing would be great. Additionally, ruffles, tassels, cording, silk, bouillon fringe, or swag valiances are perfect.

  • The floor should be dark hardwood, highlighted with scattered, worn Oriental carpets that have rich color and the aged look.
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