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Kitchen Decor

Real estate agents will tell you that homebuyers are most influenced by one room in the home the kitchen. This room is the heart of the home, a place where people gather to eat, talk, and just hang out. Therefore, you want the kitchen to be both amazing in appearance and completely functional.

Trends are nice in that you have the most up-to-date design possible. The one drawback in going with trends is that they change. Therefore, if you want to incorporate trend into your kitchen design, try to keep the main aspects of the room neutral. For instance, if you want your kitchen to be in a rooster theme with bright primary colors of blue, green, red, and yellow, rather than change the countertop to red, keep it black, silver, or beige that can be used with any trend.

The advantage of going with trends is that many times, you will get an appliance or piece of furniture that stays in style for years. Take the kitchen island for example, which started out as a trend but has turned into a staple for kitchens around the country. Other examples of trends that have stayed the course include granite and marble tile, ceramic tile floors, molding, recessed lights, and under the counter appliances.

Another great trick for updating a kitchen that is inexpensive but makes a huge impact is hardware. If you have older kitchen cabinets and new ones are not in your current budget, by changing out the hardware, you can give your cabinets a facelift that will make a dramatic difference. If you have cabinets made from oak, brushed nickel knobs, rusted black iron, or glass are beautiful choices. If your cabinets are white, you can bring in some color by choosing bold red or blue knobs that coordinate with the rest of the rooms décor.

If the cabinets are in bad contion, before you toss them out, you might try taking a door off one of the cabinets and painting it to see how it looks. Typically, painting cabinets is an excellent option that works quite well. The great thing is that so many different choices are available in todays market, allowing you to paint, stencil, add a glazing effect, crackle the surface, or use faux finishes such as metal, leather, and so on.

For the kitchen floor, you have a huge selection from which to choose. You can go with the traditional vinyl, tile, or laminate, which looks well and is affordable. However, if you want to take the kitchen up a notch, you can install hardwood floors, ceramic tile, or Berber carpeting.

Although you might choose to have a complete redecorating job done, you do not necessarily have to make major changes for the kitchen to look completely different. Simply things like hardware, lighting, and accessories can make a dramatic change without paying a hefty price.

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