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Kids Room Decor

Are you tired of the same old thing for your kids room and want to do something colorful and creative the they will love? You can redecorate your kids room and completely change the look into something fun and vibrant that any child would love.

For instance, changing the color of a room is an excellent start for bringing new life into a tired room. You can choose colors that will stimulate your child and coordinate with his or her personality. Depending on the age of your child, you could choose a theme room such as the Cow Jumps over the Moon, a Day at the Sea, Country Cottage, Mystical and Magical, Red, White, and Blue, or whatever suits your child best.

Another beautiful look that has become quite popular is the two-tone walls. For example, choosing blue and green (light versus dark) creates a natural look that is fun and inviting. A lavender and yellow creates a light and airy look that any little girl would love. Therefore, ask your child what his or her favorite colors are and then look at incorporating two of them to create a unique and exciting look.

You can also offset darker, bolder colors by using white. For instance, you could choose a dark blue or green as the backdrop and then paint the furniture white. The contrast is stunning. Additionally, use shelving and window treatments to help create contrast are an excellent way to enhance the childs room.

One of the important things about decorating a kids room is timing. Keeping a small child out of his or her room can be trying. Therefore, you need to begin by having a good plan in place. This will help you get the job done quickly but with a wonderful outcome. Choose your paint and keep in mind that the room will need to ventilate for several days before you put the child backin the room.

If the child is old enough, choose paint color that he or she likes, which will actually help your child want to sleep in its own room. The painting will need to be done first, followed by any wallpapering, stenciling, and so on. Again, you can use plain colors, a combination of colors, or choose a theme.

If you decide to decorate the room in a theme, it is important to remember that your little boy or girl will outgrow the theme one day. Therefore, try to choose themes that can be expanded upon or changed easily. Let us say you have a little girl that wants a princess room. You can use pinks and purples, lace, ribbon, and other frilly things that can be switched out over time to accommodate her changing preference. If you have a frilly bedspread and window treatments, those can always be replaced with something simplistic that would still look beautiful against the pinks and purples.

If your little boy wants a Pirate Room, try to stick with accessories that are inexpensive and can be swapped out over time. In this case, using red, black, white, and a touch of yellow would be ideal. You can then use a solid color bedspread or comforter and put fun Pirate things on the wall. As your son grows and no longer likes Pirates, the colors are still fine, all you have to do is remove the things the wall and you have an entirely different room.

If you are on a budget, remember that you can find some great things to help decorate your kids room at garage or estate sales. Additionally, be creative and do not be afraid to make things on your own. You can also benefit from online auctions such as eBay, and visit your local hobby store to create stencil designs or other designs.
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