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Home Styles

If you are in the market for a new home, you might not even be aware of the vast options you have. When it comes to home styles, there are all types of houses to consider. The style you choose will be dependant on your lifestyle.

For example, if you have small children, a condominium with four flights of steps is probably not a good choice. If you have a disability, then a split-entry with stairs would be difficult. Therefore, before you start looking for a home, give some serious consideration as to what special needs or wants you have.

To give you an idea of the home styles that are most popular consider the following:
  • Ranch This type of home has no stairs. A Ranch home is by far the most popular in the United States and with good reason. This style was actually developed in the Southwest and West and in most cases, has a low-pitched room design. The nice thing about a Ranch is that everything is on one floor. Therefore, you avoid the stairs and can enjoy the simplicity of moving from one room to another with no problem.

  • Cape Cod This style is also popular. While the Cape Cod was originally the most popular in New England and other Eastern states, you can now find this style home all across the country. This style is quite compact and is usually one and one-half story tall. The entryway is symmetrical and the home has a gable roof. The siding is typically aluminum, wood, or brick.

  • Georgian - The Georgian has a formal appearance, being two to three stories high. The lines are classy and many are constructed with red brick. The house itself is rectangular with tall columns that run along the entry way. The windows are multi-paned and are seen above the door and throughout he home.

  • Tudor A Tudor is a particular style that was modeled after the English cottage. The wood is dark, set against a stucco color that is light. The top portion of the house is beautiful and stucco also frames many of the windows. The bottom portion of the house is made of brick. This type home is cozy and inviting.

  • Victorian First originating in Great Britain, this home is generally a two-story frame. The rooms are oversized, the ceilings tall, and there are beautiful porches that will often wrap around the house. The roof is peaked and embellished with rood trim.

  • Santa Fe (Pueblo) This particular style is most popular in the Southwest and made from adobe brick or frame with an exterior made from stucco. The roof is flat and protrudes, created with rounded beams referred to as Vigas. The Santa Fe can be one or two-story and will have a wonderful covered or enclosed patio. On the interior and sometimes the exterior, you will see a lot of tile.

  • Dutch Colonial Being either one or two-story, this home has a gambrel roof. The lower slope is steeper than the one of the upper flatter slope and the eaves flare outward. Most often, this style is made from shingles or brick.

  • New England Colonial Definitely American style, this one or two-story home has a gable roof. Made from traditional materials, in most cases, there are small paned windows with quaint working shutters.

  • Split-Level This type of home has a living area that is one-half floor about the lower living area. Another version of the Split-level is the Tri-level, which has three levels.
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