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Hardwood Floors

Many homeowners today are realizing the advantages that come with having hardwood floors. First, they look fantastic, second, they are great for people that have allergy problems, and third, they will last forever if taken care of properly! Natural hardwood floors are an excellent way to take an old, outdated home and turn it into something charming and sophisticated.

If you are interested in removing old blue shag that has been in your home for years, you can put down hardwood floors easily and quicker than what you might think. Additionally, many people overlook the option of having hardwood floors because they think it is too expensive. In truth, you can find all types of flooring in todays market that is very affordable and high quality. Many homes that were built 30, 40, 50 years ago already have hardwood flooring that has been hidden away by the new technology of carpeting. To replace the old carpet with lush hardwood floors, simply follow the directions listed below:

Start by pulling up the old carpeting as well as the tack strips that will be laid around the wall. Once the carpet is up, you will need to determine the condition of the floor. In some cases, the hardwood floors only need a little sanding and cleaning. In this situation, the boards may just need to be patched.

To go through the refinish process, keep in mind that this is a dirty and noisy process but with determination and some good planning, everything will go off without a hitch. You can rent a drum sander from your local equipment rental company for a reasonable price. This piece of equipment is a little bulky but will save you time and effort.

Be sure ou always wear eye and ear protection since there will be a lot of dust flying about and the machine makes a good deal of noise and open a window or two so the room is well ventilated. Before you start sanding, go around the room and make sure there are no nails sticking up. Once those have been hammered back down, you want to fill any cracks or holes with wood filler. If you have a board or two that is too far gone, take a piece of it to a home improvement store or lumberyard so they can match the wood type so you can replace that particular board.

You never want to turn the drum sander on when it is in contact with the hardwood floor or you will end up with some indentation and gauges that will be difficult to fix. Instead, after turning it on, gently lower it to the floor and push the sander forward. As you make one pass, lift it off the floor at the end and turn it around to make the next pass.

You want to start with coarse sandpaper. If the floor is exceptionally bad, you can run the sander diagonally across the floor so you get all the pits and dirt off. Once the floor has been sanded with the coarse sandpaper, switch to a fine sandpaper and work with the floors grain. To get up next to the wall, you might need to use an orbital sander.

After the sanding is complete, the floor will need to be cleaned thoroughly to get rid of all the dust. Take a damp cloth after sweeping and wipe over the floor. Once that is dry, use a damp, lint-free cloth to apply the sealer. Ask the professionals at the home improvement or hardware store as to the type of sealer you should be using for the particular wood. Once the sealer is one and dry, you can then use a floor buffer or buffing pad to create sheen. These buffers can also be rented from the equipment rental store.

After the sealant is dry, go back over it with a broom to get any remaining dust or dirt. Finally, apply polyurethane with a painting pad or brush. If you plan to apply more than one coat, you will need to use fine sandpaper to sand in between each coat, again working with the grain of the wood. Once dry, you will have a beautiful hardwood floor that looks brand new.
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