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French Country Decor

What is French country? This style came from rural France, being perfect for a humble cottage or farmhouse all the way to a grand chateau. The style is warm, cozy, rustic, but also very appealing and inviting. The key to a successful French country décor makeover is using natural materials. This might be wood detailing, rough plaster walls, stone flooring, or woven rush chairs.

The colors used with the French Country décor literally run the gamut. You can choose from warm gold tones, grassy greens, vibrant blues, and deep reds, all the way to bright yellow, brown, beige, and black. The one aspect of this décor that makes it true is the fireplace. Therefore, if your room does not have a fireplace, now is the time to purchase a rustic beam mantle or faux fireplace made from stone or tile and enhanced with clay or brick on the hearth. To enhance the fireplace, you would use hanging herbs, iron accessories, or shiny, copper pots. Other ways to achieve this look include:
  • The architectural features of French Country include timbered detailing, stonewalls and floors that are a bit on the rough side, distressed ceiling beams, or coarse plastered walls.

  • You want the furniture to be rustic. If you do not have antiques, todays market is filled with wonderful reproduction pieces that have that aged wood look. Additionally, you want pieces that are hand-carved, have rustic patinas, and panels that are curved.

  • For a dining room table, go with one that is large and finished with a low-sheen. Slat or ladder back chairs with woven rush chair seats are perfect

  • The flooring should be ceramic, clay tile, stone, or brick. You want a natural color and materials that are durable and sturdy.

  • Many times, te French Country décor has lighting that contrasts with other things in the room. In other words, you might have dark, beamed ceilings so you would want lamps that are also rustic and dark. If you have lighter plastered walls, then you want to stick with lamps that are light and airy.

  • For the windows, shutters are the first choice in that they stick with the décor and they can be opened easily to allow in the fresh, country air. To enhance the windows, you can have them created with contrasting colored stucco or stonework.

  • Fabrics used in the French Country room typically consist of blue, yellow, red, and green. You will find a number of designs that includes Provencal prints, and paired colors that might include a yellow and gold paired with a green and blue.

  • You also want to consider adding textile themes, which would include things such as roosters, grapes, olives, leaves, vines, sunflowers, and unbelievably, beetles. Toile de Jouy is a wonderful fabric made from cotton or linen that comes in beige or white.

  • To accessorize your French Country room, use wrought iron, baskets, ceramic pieces, carved wood, oil paintings, copper pots, flowers, pottery and crocks, and rush or sisal grasses.
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