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Floral Decor

With a floral décor, you can incorporate this in just about any home and depending on the degree of floral, you can blend it in with a casual décor, Victorian décor, Tuscany décor, and so on. By creating a floral or garden look to the room, you can cheer things up even on those cold, winter days.

Floral décor is very calming, refreshing, and just brings about a peaceful and airy look. The great thing about floral décor is that you can use a huge selection of shades and floral size and type that will coordinate beautifully with plaids, stripes, solids, and miniature checks. If you are interested in creating your own garden room within your home, you can follow some of the guidelines listed below and in no time, be relaxing in your brand new room.

Try to stick with floral designs that will also coordinate with colors you already have or ones that you will be buying. For example, if the carpeting in the room is navy blue, then choose a floral design that has many different shades of blue with warm touches of green and mauve. If you have just painted the room an off-white color, then you could choose tea-stained floral designs or those with various shades of yellow, orange, or red.

Be sure you balance out strong floral patterns with simple surfaces found on sheets, floors, curtains, and walls. Although strong and vibrant floral designs are gorgeous, you do not want to overwhelm the room. Instead, you could use a plain background and then enhance it with a few strong patterns or go for smaller floral patterns.

To determine the color scheme, always start with your background color first and from there, you can choose the floral color and design to match. Once you have chosen your primary floral design, you need to choose a secondary pattern or color and then choose the accent colors that will enhance the room.

For the secondary color, try to stay with mid-tones. These colors would then be used for pillows, upholstery, trim, carpet, bed skirts, and so on.

For your accent color, choose the brighter colors for smaller pieces. For example, if the room will have various shades of blue floral and your fabric has pops of red, choose a bold red for a small throw pillow, curtain tieback, or vase.

As a way of balancing the floral pattern, you should repeat the fabrics in the room so they are seen not in just one location. For example, make a table runner that will be a part of a table and then with the same fabric, make some throw pillows for the sofa.

For the area rugs, be sure the color or pattern blends in well with the floral pattern without clashing with the scale of the floral pattern.

You want to find artwork that also has floral themes. If the flowers are strong in color, you can choose a muted mat to calm the painting whereas if the floral artwork is a bit drab or subdued, you can enhance the artwork by choosing a bolder matte.

Try to incorporate floral wreaths or swags into the room, using the colors of your floral pattern. Another great idea is to incorporate several ribbons that also coordinate with your floral pattern. To achieve this, you could take a simple clear vase and tie a ribbon around the rim that would enhance the color of your pattern. You could also hang your artwork with ribbon, creating a romantic, Victorian ambience.
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