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Color & Home Decor

Trying to choose the right color for your new home décor project can be a little overwhelming, especially in todays world where there are thousands upon thousands of choices. Instead of feeling perplexed, follow these simple guidelines to get started.

Be patient That may sound silly but it helps. As stated, there are so many colors from which to choose that by walking into a paint store and trying to choose a color on the spot can be difficult and often lead to a bad decision. Instead, work backwards by buying the accessories, throw rugs, fabrics, and wallpaper in the color scheme you like and then match the paint. For instance, if you know that you want green, choose the throw rugs, wallpaper, and so on that you love and then you can match the green to it rather then buy the paint and try to match the accessories to it.

When you do go to buy your paint, take your throw rug, a swatch of wallpaper, any artwork, fabrics, and so on, which will help you match the paint perfectly.

As you look at the various paint colors on those small strips, try to look past the little bit of color and envision the big picture with that color on your walls. When looking at the strip of five colors, move your eyes directly to the darkest shade on the bottom. The reason is that this color is the underlying tone for all the lighter colors although you might not be able to tell if you were looking at the light color. In other words, even if you choose the lightest color, use the darker color as he guide.

Once you have chosen the fabric or wallpaper for your room, use the background color for the paint. For instance, if you have a piece of fabric with various yellows in a floral pattern, then the yellow background found in the fabric would make the perfect wal color. You can then pick up the other colors or tones in the fabric to use on chair railing, crown molding, or other trims.

Trim will make a huge difference in any room. When you put up chair railing, crown molding, wainscoting, or other type of trim, instead of painting it the traditional white or off-white, choose the lightest color on the paint strip or one shade lighter than the color you have chosen on the strip. The look is clean and gorgeous. If you want to create a more dramatic look, reverse this by choosing the darkest or one shade darker than the wall color you chose.

Although white is found in most rooms and may be a part of the fabric, you would best to stick with off white, ivory, or even a beige/yellow to bring warmth to the room.

When choosing your paint, you would do best to bring several strips of paint color that match your accessories and take them home to look at them in different lighting, especially the lighting in the actual room. Once you have narrowed your choices down, take a few days to decide rather than just choosing the first one you like.

If you like, you can visit online estimators that are offered by the major paint companies such as Sherman Williams, Martha Stewart, Dutch Boy, and so on. These estimators will help you in determining the quantity of paint needed and give you tips for making the paint look great.

Always buy quality paint. Sure, you will pay more but it is worth every cent. High quality paint will last longer, chip less, and withstand any the roughest treatment.

Before you spend all the money on quality paint, spend $10 on a pint of the color you like and put it on the wall or a piece of wood that you can set up against the wall. This will let you see the actual color on the wall before you start paining the entire room.
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