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Closet Organization

Are you tired of going into your closet only to spend time digging through shoe boxes, or trying to find clothes that have slipped off the hangers? If so, do not feel alone. Most people have closets that are far from being organized. Instead of dealing with the problem, why not do something to change it.

To get started, whether for your clothes closet, linen closet, or a bathroom closet, there are things you can do that require only a small investment. In exchange, you will enjoy a huge change or organization. To help you get started, consider the recommendations below:

Start by buying the things needed to get organized. For example, you will need good hangers (plastic), some skirt hangers that are designed specifically to hold this type of garment, plastic shoe boxes, sweater boxes, accessory boxes, and so on. Depending on the number of shoes you own, you might also invest in an over the door shoe rack. Other things to consider based on your wardrobe are a tie rack and zippered clothes rack.

Go through everything in the closet. Do not just skim through it but literally take everything out so you are starting with an empty closet. This is a great time to paint so everything is fresh and new. Now with the clothes you have out, you want to separate them into four categories:
  • Clothes that you do not wear
  • No longer fits
  • Out of style
  • Sentimental but will never wear again
  • Clothes needing minor repair such as stitching up a hem, replacing a button, etc.
  • Clothes that you love and wear
  • Anything that does not fit into these categories
All the clothes on wire hangers that you will end up keeping need to be placed on good, plastic hangers. Forthe clothing that falls into the first category, you need to put them in a box or bag to give away to charity. If there is something badly stained, pitch it. For the clothing in category 2, set them aside and make a commitment to yourself that everything will be fixed within two weeks and that whatever is not done, goes to charity.

For the items in the third category, you now want to organize these things into types of clothing. Therefore, all your blouses will be hung together, pants together, and skirts together, dresses together, and so on. If you want to be even more organized, you can arrange each of these groupings by color.

Finally, use your new storage boxes and bags and start neatly folding sweaters. These can then be placed into the sweater boxes that can be pushed to the back on the closet floor or under the bed. Hang all the ties up on the new tie rack, put the coats and heavy summery items in the zippered clothing bag to be stored in another closet, keep belts and hats in the accessory boxes, etc. If you are doing a linen closet, you might consider adding a few hooks to the inside wall where umbrellas, hats, gloves, and other miscellaneous items can be hung.

To keep the closet organized, when you buy something, see if that piece replaces an older piece that can now be tossed. In other words, instead of having six pairs of black pants, four is plenty. When you are finished, you will feel better about being organized and love the fact that whenever you need something, you simply reach in and grab it instead of rummaging through stuff.
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