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Chandelier Decor

Chandeliers are stunning and can turn any room into a masterpiece. As you start shopping for a chandelier for your home, keep in mind that the light fixture does not necessarily have to be crystals. Chandeliers come in all types of styles and materials so you can enhance any rooms décor. To help you purchase the right type of chandelier, it is important to educate yourself on them.

For starters, a chandelier is comprised of a body, arms, candles or lights, and sometimes crystal. The body of the chandelier is the main portion. From the body, the arms stretch outward and make the foundation for the candles or lights. Again, depending on the type of chandelier you choose, it may or may not include crystals.

One of the most beautiful types of chandelier is one made from solid brass. With this light fixture, you will find that a quality brass chandelier would be made from independent cast pieces, all hand crafted and fitted. The result is a beautiful detailed look that would be ideal for a formal or informal dining room.

To accent the chandelier, you can typically find matching or similar types of wall sconces. The nice thing is that sconces can be used in the dining room as well as an entryway, hallway, bedroom, bathroom, just about any room of the house.

For the chandelier, you will find a number of finishes with the most popular being silver or gold. The chandeliers made from silver or silver plating create a clean, contemporary look that is great with all types of décor. The gold or gold toned chandeliers tend to create a more formal look that is a little more elegant. You will also find finished to include brass and brushed nickel.

Chandeliers made in the past used only candles. Today, you can still purche chandeliers that use candles or you can purchase ones that use lights. There are even designs that have faux candles where when the lights are turned off, you cannot even tell the difference. However, with the light on, it looks as though the flame is just below the wax surface, creating a natural and soft glow.

Some chandeliers are designed with amazing detailing. You might find that they have grooves, rope embellishment, or the arm may be curved in a unique position, giving the chandelier character and charm. Typically, most manufactures that make chandeliers will work with you to ensure you buy the exact style and color to match your room.

If you want the traditional crystals, one of the best options is the Swarovski Strass crystals, which are considered to be, top of the line yet affordable. These crystals are known for their amazing clarity and flawlessness, and are hand-cut and polished. Another option is Turkish crystals that contain 30% lead crystal, which can be hand or machine cut. These crystals are a little more affordable and just as beautiful.

Two other options for crystals are the Czechoslovakian crystals and Italian crystals. For the first option, you can choose from a number of grades and cuts. These crystals are good quality and beautiful. For the Italian crystals, these are either hand or machine cut and do not cost as much as other types of crystals but still stunning.

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