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Casual Decor

Many people love the simplicity found in casual décor. This style is nice in that it creates an environment that is homey, warm, and inviting. Best of all, casual décor can fit with any style of home and works in any room within the home. The key to achieving a casual décor for your home is to stick with simple detailing, fabrics with texture, low-luster surfaces, and accessories that are calm and restful.

With casual décor, you will find gently curved elements and often a touch of whimsy. For instance, in the family room, you might have a small, country sled hanging on the wall. In the kitchen, perhaps you have baskets that hang from the ceiling or line the wall. For an office, you might choose to display your collection of birdhouses. Additionally, casual décor is almost like a collection of many different styles. As an example, you could take the simple aspects of Shabby Chic, French Country, American Country, and Tuscany, and come up with a beautiful blend of Casual.

Many of the homes in American are decorated with a casual décor. This style creates a feel that everyone can walk in, sit down, and feel right at home. To give you an idea of what you want to achieve a casual décor in your home, we have provided some helpful tips:
  • Furniture should be upholstered and comfy. Additionally, the furniture is usually over-sized and includes pieces such as rattan, wicker, and antiques.

  • By using long, horizontal lines, you help create a casual look that actually works to set a restful and relaxed mood

  • Typically, people think of casual being brown, gray, tan, beige, and other neutral tones. While that is true, casual also uses colors that range from pastel to deep and rich. Therefore, do not overlook soft yellows, bues, and greens or navy blue, forest green, and terra cotta.

  • For the fabrics, you want those that are textured lightly and heavily. Typically, you would go with natural type fabrics such as jute, cotton, wool, or anything that has textured weaves.

  • When choosing furniture and flooring, stay with lighter wood that would include oak, pine, or birch bark. Remember, you do not want the furniture to be shiny.

  • Some of the commonly used themes for casual décor include Americana, hobbies, sports, rustic, nautical, quilts, and regional. To enhance these themes, you can use collections such as birdhouses, teapots, roosters, posters, decoys, trophies, art prints, and so only.

  • For the windows, usually the casual décor features layered pieces. You will find soft colored panels underneath the actual draperies. Other great ideas include shutters, shades, and blinds. To create interest, you can use natural elements such as nail heads, twigs, oars, ski poles, and other creative pieces that can become conversation pieces.

  • Finally, for the floor, stick with tile, stone, hardwood, carpeting, vinyl, concrete, and use lots of area rugs.
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