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During the holiday season, something very magical occurs when you walk into a home to see the dining room table decorated with bright shades of red and green, all decked out with holiday cheer. Creating a holiday tablescape is something easy to accomplish and the results are stunning and festive. First, determine the theme you want for your table. An excellent option is to choose colors and textures that blend with the décor of the room.

For instance, if the room has blue or mauve, then choose colors in those palettes. Taking the color of the room, you can then choose variety of shades to create your look. If you are working with mauve or red for example, you could choose anything from a soft cranberry color to fire engine red and every shade in between. Keep in mind that to create a holiday tablescape, you do not necessarily have to work with the traditional red, green, and gold.

If you have a color that is not considered a festive color, you simply incorporate white, silver, or gold into your tablescape. Regardless of which color you go with, another excellent option is to use miniature, twinkling lights to make the room inviting and festive. After choosing your color scheme, you want to think about the theme. Do you want a Victorian holiday, a whimsical holiday, or a winter wonderland?

To make the room extra special, plan and make many of the things that will be used to transform the room. You can buy a simple white, ivory, or gold tablecloth and then using craft paint, stencils, and other embellishments, create a beautiful border with a center design. If you sew, you can then purchase coordinating fabric to make placemats and if not, chances are you will find something at your local retail store. Again, you can stitch borders or embroidery or use paint to stencil holiday designs.

If the theme will be more traditional, you could use a poinsettia stencil and then berries and leaves as the border. However, if you are going for something more whimsical, you could create an enchanted forest design in the center of the tablecloth and then use gingerbread stencils for the border. If you do not want to paint, you can use a simple glue gun and ribbon to add a ribbon border around the tablecloth or simply tie bows onto the corners.

Make sure you buy both napkins and napkin rings to finish the setting. These are inexpensive items and add the final touch. Then, you will need a centerpiece. This could be a miniature rose bush, a poinsettia, candles, or something unique and homemade. For instance, take a plain glass globe and fill it with dried lima beans that have been spray-painted gold and silver. Set this down on a mirror circle and wrap the base with a filigree bow of gold, silver, and then the color of the room. Placing two taper candles on either side completes the look.

Make sure you have fresh cookies and candies set on the table and sideboard. Use a variety of dishes that blend in with the theme and color of the room. Finally, take simple green garland and border the doorways into the dining room, adding in a few colorful berries, again, coordinating with the color of the room.
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