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Holiday Decor - Snowman

For the next holiday season, why not enhance your home with some beautiful home décor. When it comes to a holiday home filled with heartwarming cheer, it is wonderful to walk into a home that is decorated with holiday cheer, a roaring fire, and smell of fresh baked cookies. To create holiday cheer in your own home, you can make just about any type of decoration you like but for the focus of this article, let us say you want to create a snowman. To accomplish this, you will need to purchase the following items:

  • 3/8 yard blue and tan striped fabric
  • 1/4 yard black and red checked fabric
  • 1/8 yard black and green checked fabric
  • 1/8 yard black and blue checked fabric
  • Muslin
  • Batting
  • Fusible Webbing
  • Orange and black fabric marker
  • Raffia
  • Three buttons one red, one blue, one green (3/4-inch)
  • Body, Heart, Pants, Snowman Mitten, Snowman
  • Hat Patterns and Face Guide
  • Printable pattern (purchased from a fabric or retail store)
Taking the pattern you purchased, cut two sections of muslin and one out of batting material for the body. For the pants, cut this from the blue and tan fabric. Using the black and red checked fabric cut the hat, mittens, and heart pieces. For the mittens, now cut one section from the black and green fabric and then another from the black and blue fabric. Using the pants and heart pattern, cut one section from the webbing as well as two separate pieces measuring one-inch by one-inch. These pieces will then be fused to the wrong side of the matching fabric sections.

Take the batting and sandwich it in between the wrong sides of the front and back of the body muslin pieces. Now stitch 1/8-inch from the outer edges of the body, ensuring that all the layers are included. With the face guide, you want to center it over the head of one of the body sections. To make the snowmans face, you will need to draw the eyes and mouth using black paint. For the nose, outline that with black and then fill it in with orange. Using actual blush that you would use for makeup, apply just a little to the cheeks to create a soft blushed look.

The next step is to fuse the overalls to the body then tie a knot in the ends of the four-inch piece of the 1/8-inch ribbon so you can create a loop. Stitch the loop to the back portion of the head so there is a hanger. Next, position the patches and the heart and then fuse them into place. With the black marker, draw on stitch marks. The next step is to arrange the buttons on the front of the pants and then glue them into place.

On the scarf section, you want to remove the threads from the outer edges, leaving a 1/4-inch strip of fringe. Place the scarf around the snowmans neck and tie it, taking hot glue to seal it in place. For the hate, pint the pieces of fabric together and then stitch around the edges leaving the bottom open. Now, clip the curves and turn the hat so it is right side out.

Along the bottom portion of the hate, fold a two-inch seam and press with an iron in place. Put the hat on the snowmans head, gluing it in place. Taking the raffia, tie a bow around the top portion of the hate and then with the extra raffia, drape a garland around the snowman for a festive look.
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