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If you are interested in jazzing up your garden area, there are a number of great options to achieve just that. For starters, garden statues come in all types of styles, shapes, colors, and materials to make any garden look amazing. In addition to statues, you might consider a fountain, garden décor ornaments, garden sculptures, and more. Then when you add in the right type of lighting, you have a place where you can go to relax.

Using garden statues is an exceptional idea regardless of your yard and garden. For example, whether you have a garden that consists of wildflowers, a vegetable garden, a rose garden, or a regular flower garden, by adding in a garden statue or two, you will have created a new look that enhances the beauty of your exterior living space.

The nice thing about using outdoor garden statues is that you can choose ones that match your personal preference perfectly. Therefore, whether you have a clean lined, formal garden or a calming refuge away from the house, you will achieve an amazing style simply by adding in garden statues.

The important thing is to look for unique pieces that achieve the goal you have set. For instance, if you want the garden statue to be the focal part of the garden, then you will need something that is larger and impressive. If you are looking for a garden statue that will blend in with the garden while giving it interest, then you want a statue that can accomplish that.

Try to find pieces that are made using a process called the Lost Wax Casting Process. With this process, the metal casting technique ensures that the piece is an amazing reproduction of an original. Cast from a wax model, these garden statues are sculpted to perfection. Interestingly enough, this Lost Wax process is actually more than 1,000 years old. While new materials and methods have been added to improve this method, you still get an incredible statue that will last for years while enhancing your garden.

To give you an idea of the most popular statues on the market today, consider the following:
  • Horse with or without a carriage
  • Bridge
  • Stepping stones
  • Garden Boy
  • Garden Girl
  • Boy or girl sitting on rocks
  • Climbing Garden Statue
  • Children sitting on a tree or bench reading a book
  • Boy or girl fishing
  • Girl playing with a doll
  • Deer or elk

If you are not interested in these types of pieces, there are many choices of garden statues available online. You can review these in the section below.

Additional Information:

Statue.com: Company with a large assortment of statues for garens, indoors, and other uses.

Garden Statue Studio Selection of garden statues made of iron, stone, bronze, and other materials.

Garden Statue Shop Online retailer offering a wide collection of garden statues ranging from gnomes, fairies, animals, and finials.
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