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Just because you are getting ready to head off to college does not mean you have to sacrifice style. Although creating a homey feel in a dorm is somewhat different than from a home, you can turn an ordinary room with four white walls and turn it into a beautiful room that reflects your personality and style.

To start with, there are always new trends on the market that are both stylish and functional. Some of the hottest items currently available include folding laundry holders, pop-up cubes, and other items for organization. This means you can take some of the items you need for storage can look good and add pops of color while still providing you with the needed storage space. Other hot trends for dorms include funky and fun lamps and wave sound systems.

To create some color and character, look at bright floral designs, cabana stripes, and do not be afraid to mix and match patterns, textures, and color. In addition to decorating with fabric, which might include a bedspread or comforter, window treatments, throw pillows, and rugs, you can also bring pops of color in with clocks, artwork, and figurines.

Another great option for dorms is to choose pieces that are functional and versatile. As an example, think of buying stacking trunks that would make an excellent coffee table or nightstand while also offering additional storage. Instead of letting mail and bills become cluttered, purchase a corkboard that can be decorated to blend into the room.

As mentioned, rugs are great options for dorm décor. You can choose a large area rug that will help soften a room with tile or hardwood floors. Choose colors that are cheery and versatile. If you are not taking your own bed, rather than sleep on a hard dorm mattress, purchase a featherbed mattress topper. This will improve the level of comfort as well as the look of the bed. Do not overlook the importance of lighting. Since you will probably be busy with homework and projects, you want to ensure you have adequate light but keep in mind that practical can be colorful and fun. Additionally, use several different lamp styles and set them about the room for interest.

A nice oversized chair would be wonderful but often dorms are limited on space. In this case, todays beanbag chairs come in every color and pattern, making them an ideal choice for dorms. Another perfect option is to use oversized floor pillows. Finally, a body pillow is a nice option in that they are trendy, functional, and perfect if you ever have overnight guests.

Even filing cabinets can be used as multi-function furniture. For instance, you could purchase a standard metal cabinet but spray paint it to bring some color in the room. Then, the filing cabinet could be used as an end table, nightstand, or a place to put the printer. If you want something a little more sophisticated, the market is filled with wonderful wood or wicker cabinets.
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