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Country Furniture

Are you interested in creating a homey room in your house where everyone feels comfortable and welcomed? By using country furniture, you can achieve this with no problem. Country furniture is an excellent way of bringing interest to any room while adding style and charm.

With country style furniture, you will enjoy beautiful, rich wood, hand-carved legs, and a wonderful rustic charm that is unmatched. When choosing country furniture, you want to find pieces that have textural interest. The key is not to overdo it. If you put too many pieces of country furniture into one room, it will feel overcrowded and not add anything but a sense of clutter. However, by choosing a few special pieces, the room will be completely transformed into a special place to relax or visit friends.

Some great pieces to keep your eyes open for include bent willow chairs, oak tables, and small benches that can create a nice cozy grouping. Once you have the chairs in your home, enhance them with fluffy, colorful pillows and cushions. Since country furniture can be dark and heavy, using floral, gingham, or even punches of red, yellow, or blue will help to soften the chair.

Other indoor pieces would include mirrors, tables, and even coat trees. By adding even small pieces of country furniture, you can change a guestroom or bathroom into a gorgeous room. To achieve this, you do not have to buy big pieces. Items such as boxes, small stools or planters can make a huge difference and they are extremely affordable.

If you want to incorporate the rustic look outdoors, you can choose pieces that will bring the country charm to life. For example, putting up a trellis and growing roses, placing a log bench by your favorite tree, or choosing an arbor are all ways to make this happen. If you already have outdoor furniture that is more modern, made from metal and glass, you can add a wooden, log bench to the space, creating a touch of country.

The great thing about country furniture is that you do not have to have a home decorated in country. This style of furniture fits in nicely with just about any décor. For instance, you could use country furniture with shabby chic, Victorian, or eclectic. Even a contemporary home could benefit from a few small pieces of interest found with country furniture.
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