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Furniture Armoire

Almost everyone has heard of an armoire. You might even own one, but chances are you are not even aware of all the uses for this one piece of furniture. The history of armoires dates back hundreds of years. Having been used as furniture in every style of home, the armoire is one of the most versatile and functional pieces of furniture you can buy.

You will find armoires can enhance any room because they come in so many styles. You could choose from a simple design or something elaborate. Additionally, you can choose from all types of wood, with Mahogany, Cherry, Oak, and Pine being the most popular choices. The right armoire can actually become the focal point of a room, whether it was in the bedroom, office, family room, or even office. The great thing about an armoire is that they store anything. To give you some ideas of what an armoire can do, consider the following uses:
  • Television/VCR An armoire is an excellent cabinet to store your television and VCR. Since the armoire has doors, when not in use, you can simply close them to keep the television and VCR out of sight.

  • Office Many people have discovered the benefits of using an armoire in a home office. You can store your printer, fax machine, important paperwork, and so on to keep things neat and organized.

  • Closet If you have a smaller home or a guestroom without a closet, the armoire can provide needed space for clothes to be hung up.

  • Linens Most people will agree that linen closets are too small. The armoire is the perfect solution for keep your linens organized and well protected.

  • Childrens Room The armoire not only helps with storing clothing, blankets, and bedding, but it is also a great storage solution for toys and books.

  • Clothing If you have a lot of winter clothing items, sweaters, jackets, sweats, etc., an armoire will keep them close yet stored away during the summer months.

  • China Many people never consider an armoire as a storage unit for china. Sometimes, china is passed down through the family and since it is an heirloom, you do not want to get rid of it but you have no place to display it. In this case, an armoire can provide the needed storage where you can actually get the china out and use it.

  • Seasonal Storage is a real problem for most people, especially when it comes to seasonal items. If you have the Christmas ornaments, wrapping paper, Halloween scary witch, Easter ornaments, and so on, you can use the armoire to store these items safely where you can gain access to them when you need to.

  • Games Placing an armoire in the family room is a great idea. You can store puzzles, games, books, movies, and other things that families do together. When you want some quality family time, everything is right there to get but when you have guests over, the room stays clean and organized.

  • Bathroom An armoire can also be used for storing bath towels, soaps, shampoo and conditioner, robes, slippers, cosmetics, and the list goes one.
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