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Decorative Pillows

To create a beautiful accent in your home, decorative pillows are an excellent idea. You can take a plain tan couch and by adding bright reds, yellows, and blues, bring vibrancy to an otherwise drab look. If you want something more sophisticated, choose Jacquard or Asian influenced pillows. Instead of paying a small fortune for beautiful pillows, why not make them. Interestingly, decorative pillows are extremely easy and inexpensive to make. Now keep in mind, you can choose any style or material you like but for example, to make one 18-inch pillow, start by purchasing the following material:
  • 1 yard off-white sating
  • 1 yard Jacquard
  • 1/3 yard decorative fabric
  • 1 yard white stringed pearls (1/4-inch)
  • 1 yard off-white organza ribbon (1/2-inch)
  • 1 spool decorative off-white rayon thread (6 weight)
  • 3 spools off-white over-lock thread
  • 3 spools rayon thread (40 weight and one shade darker than the satin fabric)
  • 2 1/4 yards cording
  • 18-inch pillow form
To make this particular pillow, you need to first press stabilizer onto the wrong side of the satin fabric. Using an 18-inch piece of paper, draw the lines that will be used to cut the pattern. Using the satin fabric, cut one piece of each of the pattern pieces leaving a 5/8-inch seam while cutting. Next, cut out a 19 1/4-inch square of the textured Jacquard, which will be used for the back of the pillow.

Using a marking pen, mark decorative block stitching lines on the wrong side of the fabric and then chain stitch it, sewing along the lines so the stitch shows on the right side of the fabric.

You will end up with two pieces of silk and one piece of Jacquard. The decorative fabric, pearls, and ribbons will be used to create whatever design you like. This is the opportunity to get creativity and make whatever embellishment you want. You can use the decorative fabric to create an appliqué, strips, or whatever design you like.

To put the pillow together, you would pin the wrong side of the satin and Jacquard together, setting the ribbon so you stitch it with the ribbon on the outside. Follow the ribbon around all sides until the entire pillow has been stitched except for one-half of one side.

Pushing the pillow form tightly together, you will carefully feed it into the pillow, turning the fabric so it is now right side out. Using a whipstitch or blind stitch, you will then close the open fabric so the entire form is covered. The pearls can then be added for extra embellishment or if you prefer, you can use the pearls on the outside border instead of the ribbon. This is just one example of a decorative pillow. You can make pillows as simplistic or ornate as you like and even find a number of wonderful patterns at any fabric store.
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