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Kitchen Decorating Ideas

If you are in the market for a new home, you might not even be aware of the vast options you have. When it comes to home styles, there are all types of houses to Kitchen Decorating Ideas.

Evolving Over Time

Unusual barn-plank cabinet doors offer a vintage, time-worn appearance to this kitchen.

Drama from Every Angle

Unusual pear wood cabinetry adds warmth and brushed stainless steel masks scratches.

Is Bright Right for You?

Finding yourself drawn to the bold hues when planning your kitchen decor? These pointers will help you decide whether bright colors will be right for you.

DIY Kitchen Makeover

For a quick change replace an old ceiling light with new pendant lighting or update door and drawer handles.

Quick Kitchen Fixes

Spruce up your kitchen with these simple ideas from tile and paint to cabinets and the pantry.

Checkerboard Border

If your kitchen decor lacks interest, liven it up with a zippy painted border. A painted border is easy and Cabinet Magic

The doors were removed from the cabinets to create a display area and to add depth. You may also notice that the back interior of the cabinets closely matches the color of the walls. That's not paint...

Instead, very coarse paper was attached with double-sided sticky tape to create a richly textured background for displaying dishes, glasses, and other kitchenware. (Note: The coarse paper comes in 18" X 30" sheets and can be found in art supply stores. High quality wallpaper will work as well, but it will be tougher to remove.)

Finally, picture frame lights were attached to a couple of cabinet sections to complete the transformation to display shelves.

When lit, the cabinets and their contents take on a very elegant and warm appeal.

Accessories Are Key

To make your kitchen truly irresistible, you'll want to create the right ambiance. If you have an open-plan design where your kitchen and living room are connected, you'll want them to have similar warmth and charm.

You won't have to spend lots of money to set the mood you want. You can achieve a lot with a bit of paint, a few kitchen decorating accessories, and your own imagination.

Your kitchen decorating display options can include collectibles, china, antiques, and anything else that matches your personality.even airplanes!

But avoid the temptation to display too much

Select only a few of your very best items and store the rest out of sight. Line your items on the shelves in artful vignettes, just as you would if they were in your living room.

The Neon sign and airplane add a retro flair to my Eclectic kitchen. Assorted baskets sit atop the cabinets to add charm. If you'd like a few more retro decorating tips, click here.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that certain pieces should only be placed in certain rooms. But the truth of the matter is there are no such home interior decorating rules. Your kitchen should feel as homey as your living room.

If you think a particular sculpture or group of figurines will give your kitchen life, I say go for it.

In my home, the kitchen is the most popular room. I enjoy entertaining, and so my friends always gravitate there because it has a cozy and fun feel to it.

If you're looking for interesting ways to accessorize your kitchen, I recommend that you start with Kitchenetc. Look for containers, bowls, serving dishes, etc., that have intriguing designs and shapes, and that capture your imagination. Of course if you're in the market for the basics, you'll find everything from fancy flatware to furniture.

Next, check out Novica for handmade earthy decorative items and Sovietski Collection for unusual European antique pieces. Anything selected from these sites is sure to add a distinctive flair to your kitchen decorating effort.

Like every room in your home, your kitchen should have a few interesting kitchen decorating accessories that reflect your personality. Take a risk!

Before I move on to the Do-it-Yourself Ideas below, let me say that YOU really can create beautiful spaces thatmatch your personality as long as you are provided with the right tools. Sure photographs help, but knowing the little nuances is what makes everything come together in the way that you want.

So, if you find yourself struggling to get your kitchen decorating project started, I suggest that you consider The Awaken Your Interior Designer! Collection. These interactive eBooks walk you step-by-step through the decorating process and will give you the knowledge and inspiration to makeover your kitchen or any room with confidence.

Do-It-Yourself Ideas

The picture below shows a small eating area inside this open plan kitchen. The dining table along with the alligator chandelier above it, create an eye-catching focal point.

Inexpensive as an alternative to wallpaper.

The 9 foot silk ficus tree underscores the importance of this area and makes it a cozy place for meals, snacks, and chats.

Try these do-it-yourself kitchen decorating ideas to save money and show off your own creative style:

Build Your Own Tree:

It's not as hard as you think. I purchased the natural tree trunk and the silk leaves/branches from a specialty store.

Next, I visited my local hardware store and bought Plaster of Paris and a plain plastic 5-gallon bucket. I prepared the plaster as instructed and set the tree trunk in it until the mixture hardened. (Note: To ensure that the tree trunk would stand straight, I used wire and a ladder to support it until the plaster solidified.)

With a little help from a friend, I placed the tree trunk and hardened plaster in a large decorative wicker basket.

I filled all but the top of the basket with crumpled newspaper and then overlaid Spanish Moss. The tree trunk and basket were then moved to the desired position in the kitchen.

In order to attach the leaves/branches, all I needed was a drill, glue gun, and glue sticks.

Starting at the top of the tree, I drilled a hole in the trunk, being careful not to drill all the way through. I applied glue to the end of one of the branches and inserted it in the hole.

Also, because the branches were flat when I got them, I had to bend them so that they mimicked a real tree. (Note: When building your own tree, it's a good idea to periodically view it from across the room, just to make sure you are on track.)

Give An Outdated Chandelier A New Look:

This was an interesting kitchen decorating project. But, creating the alligator chandelier was even easier than building a tree. The prior owners of the home had taken down a chandelier in the living room and replaced it with a ceiling fan.

The chandelier simply sat in my garage gathering dust

So on a trip to an alligator park (I live in Florida), I was chatting with a friend who suggested that I attach little alligator heads to the chandelier.

I loved the idea immediately and purchased five souvenir heads from the gift shop. I drilled a hole in the base of each head and slid them over the light posts.

To finish the chandelier, I sat miniature lamp shades on the light bulbs above the alligator heads. (Note: The chandelier replaced an existing lighting fixture, so no electrician was needed.)

Of course, if you'd rather purchase a funky chandelier, I highly recommend Bellacor. Their selection of chandeliers is quite impressive and extensive.

Create Your Own Crafts:

Many times you can spice up your kitchen by taking those flea-market finds and using simple techniques to turn them into decorative treasures. I did that with several items in my kitchen.

If you'd like some inexpensive do-it-yourself kitchen decorating craft ideas for accessorizing your kitchen, I recommend that you check out the book, Quick & Stylish Decorative Crafts.

Finally, if you're thinking of adding a bit warmth and charm to your kitchen decorating project by replacing the counter top.

Tips For Selecting The Perfect Kitchen Counter Top
  1. Repaint those cabinets! Unless you have high quality wood cabinets, chances are they could use some rejuvenation, and painted finishes are very hot! There are many techniques you can easily learn to give your kitchen cabinets an expensive designer look. Crackling, faux finishing, and glazing are all quite simple and cost effective. Try the Internet for some guidance; most major paint manufacturers have websites with great instructions!

  2. Paint those walls! These days our kitchens are the hub of the home, and we all feel more comfortable in rooms that offer mood and character. If you have wood cabinets, color on the walls will make the wood appear richer, and emphasize your accessories.

  3. Make carved look molding and appliqués. There are several techniques for creating beautiful moldings and architectural embellishments for very little money. You can either use joint compound and a cake-decorating bag to create beautiful designs on plain wood strips, then prime and paint, or use my "salt dough" method. I use the salt dough recipes that children often use for making Christmas decorations. I cut the dough into simple shapes such as leaves, ropes, or scrolls. Then let dry or bake as the recipe dictates. Now simply use a glue gun to attach to wood strips, prime and paint! This gives you a little more control over the finished piece, and also is a lot cheaper! Hint: If you use this method for appliqués, paint before you attach. These are great attached to the front of cabinet doors, or over doorways. See the two recipes I use below.

    Salt Dough Recipe
    2 cups flour
    1/2 cup salt
    Water added by the tablespoon until the desired consistency
    1-2 tablespoons salad oil added to help keep it from drying and cracking
    Place pieces on a cookie sheet in a 250-degree oven for 1 hour, then check every 15 minutes until hard, but not overly brown.
    Cornstarch Recipe
    (While this recipe is a little more inconvenient because of the air drying, it yields a much finer product, almost like porcelain.)
    2 cups baking soda
    1 cup cornstarch
    1 1/4 cups water
    Heat in a saucepan until thick, let cool, and then knead out on a board dusted with cornstarch. Cut or work into desired shapes, then let air dry at least 24 hours or more.

  4. Use fabric in your kitchen. Years ago, there was a belief that you shouldn't use fabric in a kitchen because of the grease and food splatters, and the difficulty cleaning. Nowadays, most fabrics can be thrown in the washer and dryer, so go ahead and use it! It softens the kitchen, can add romance or charm, and makes it feel like a warm connection to the rest of your house, instead of a cold utilitarian space. Curtains or valances, appliance covers, and table runners all can be easily stitched at home. (Or fused with an iron and hem tape available at your sewing or craft store.) Fabric does not have to be expensive either. Flat twin sheets are always a great value, and can be gotten on sale for as little as 3 dollars. Keep an eye out at garage sales for sheets, quilts, tablecloths, and even clothing that have your homes color schemes.

  5. Give yourself stone counters for less than $40! Ok, ordinarily even $40 for one project is a little much for me, bt this one has such a large impact and is so easy, that it's definitely worth it! The secret? Paint! Get a book from the library, or search the Internet for instructions on the stone faux finish of your choice, (practice on cardboard first!) then follow these steps. For this to be successful, there is one step you cannot skimp on. Prime your countertops with a primer specially made for non-porous surfaces!!! Bin or KILZ are both good brands. (I also like to use their water-based variety, check the can carefully!) Now paint your faux finish. Allow to dry thoroughly, 24 hours is best. Now simply give it 4 or 5 coats of water-based polyurethane, let dry, and enjoy years of a beautiful kitchen! Save some of your original paint so if you ever do get a chip, touch up is a breeze. I promise you, visitors to your home will be hard pressed to tell that it isn't a $5000 counter!
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