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With the right window blind, you can create a number of looks that will enhance any room of your home. There are wood blinds, metal blinds, vinyl blinds, and so on. Blinds create style while helping with privacy and light control. The blinds on the market today come in all kinds of styles and colors that will make your windows beautiful. Before you go shopping for blinds, you need to determine the size needed, figure out how much privacy and light control you want, and have a good idea of the color that would match your rooms décor.

Start by determining the size of blinds needed. Typically, older window frames are deeper than the newer ones. For this reason, you would want to use an inside mount whereas for the newer windows, you would want an outside mount. A nice solution is to hang the blinds so they are flush with the window frame. In this case, you need to ensure that the frame is a minimum of two inches deep. With a tape measure, you want to measure the length from the top of the window to the bottom, just above the bottom frame. If using the inside mount, for the width, you would measure from within the window frame. If mounting from the outside, you would measure width from the outside of the frame.

For providing privacy and controlling light, blinds are an excellent option. A cellular or pleated shade that is designed with privacy backing is a great choice if you want a little more coverage than what a blind can provide. However, there are some types of wood blinds made by Lite-Tite that are designed without the rout holes, meaning there is less opportunity for light to seep in.

Another great benefit of blinds is that they are great for conserving energy. For instance, if you live in an area where the temperatures are extreme, the blinds will serve as another layer between the inside and outside. If you want the optimum option, choose a cellular shade, which will actually help to trap air between the layers of material, thus providing a great level of insulation.

Once you have purchased the blinds for your windows, you will find that they need to be cleaned on a regular basis, which will help extend their life. For aluminum blinds, maintenance is easy, requiring only an occasional dusting. In fact, depending on the type of aluminum blind you buy, it may have been treated with an anti-static finish, which will help repel dust. If they get extra dirty, simply use warm water and a mild soap.

Another great choice is PVC blinds, which are easy to clean using a damp cloth and, they are very durable. If the room where you will be hanging the blinds tends to be humid, such as in a bathroom or near the kitchen sink, you want to choose a water resistant blind that is made for this type of situation. PVC, vinyl, and aluminum are great choices.
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