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Are you looking for ways to spruce up your home but want color and texture? If so, wallpaper is the perfect solution. Not only will wallpaper bring character and charm to your home but also it is affordable. The styles available today are amazing. You will find everything from stripes to floral to geometric shapes to textured wallpaper that can be painted.

If you have decided that you want to wallpaper your home, the following steps will walk you through the process so you have a beautiful finished room.

If you have existing paint or accessories, take samples with you to the wallpaper store so you can match the colors or design perfectly.

To measure the wall space so you know how much wallpaper to buy, follow these steps:
  • Measure the length and width of the room

  • If there are walls with windows, doors, built-in cabinets, closets, and so on, you will want to measure them so they can be deducted from the total amount of wallpaper needed

  • The wallpaper rolls will tell you the number of square feet coverage so you can take your room measurements and choose the number of rolls needed
The next thing to consider is price. If you shop for wallpaper using a book, you will find that depending on the manufacturer, the roll is priced differently. For instance, some will price the wallpaper for a single roll and some for a double roll. On rare occasions, you will find triple rolls although these are harder to find. Buying a double roll is really your best bet because you are getting twice the amount of wallpaper, but not paying double the price.

For instance, if you were to buy a single roll, you would get 13.5 feet of running wallpaper. This means that you would actually only get eight to nine feet of wallpaper since you have to allow extra waste to match patterns. With a double roll, you get 27 feet, which means you get more because you do not have to cut off as much for waste.

Width is also important to understand. Keep in mind that the wider the wallpaper, the fewer strips you will need to hang. This means your room will not have as many seams and will look better. As you shop for wallpaper, you will discover that it comes in two standard widths. The first is the European and Metric width and the second is American. For the first option, a double roll of wallpaper would measure 20.5 inches wide and for the American, 27 inches.

If you are thinking about adding a wallpaper border, you will find that these commonly come in five-yard packages. Again, just as you did with the wallpaper, you will need to account for waste when it comes to matching the pattern. The result of wallpapering your room will truly be amazing and look as though it was done professionally.

Additional Information:

USA Wallpaper: Nice website featureing major wallpaper brands, styles, and decor types.

Seabrook Site offers an array of wllpaper designs, styles, and wall coverings.

Creative Wall Coverings Offers wallpaper and wall coverings with distinctive styles.
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