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Tapestries are a beautiful way to decorate a room. In fact, tapestries have been used for centuries, dating back to the Roman Empire and before. With this type of decoration, you can use it to hang on the window, on a wall, or even lay out on a table. Additionally, tapestries come in all sizes so you do not have to have a lot of space to enjoy their beauty. You will also find that tapestries come in every type of design imaginable.

If you want an elegant tapestry to hang in a formal dining room, you could choose from something with a Tuscany design. If you are looking for something more laid back for a family room, there are ocean scenes. As you begin your search, you will be amazed at just how many choices there really are.

Another thing about tapestries is that they can be made from a number of materials although most are made from cotton, linen, or wool, or a combination of any of those three. To give you an idea of the type and size tapestries that are most popular, consider the following:

Medieval World Tapestry Wall Hanging 34 x 47 inches
This tapestry would be wonderful in an office, den, family room, or boys room. Its rich colors and intricate detailing make this a wonderful addition to any home.

Renaissance Tapestry Wall Décor 34 x 54 inches
This tapestry has an unbeatable Old World charm. Because of its unique design and warm colors, it would look great in a contemporary or country home. Typically, you would expect to pay about $250 for such a tapestry.

Prince and Lady Tapestry Wall Hanging 18 x 34 inches
For about $100, you can enjoy this type of fabulous design that brings a touch of mystic and elegance to the décor. The size is nice for bringing life and warmth to smaller rooms.

Floral Bouquet Tapestry Wall Décor 27 x 39 inches
This is a lovely design that is wonderful in intimate settings. If you have a small formal dining room, guest room, or parlor, the floral tapestry would be beautiful. This too runs about $100, which is quite affordable for the gorgeous piece of art you are buying.

These samples are just a few of the thousands of tapestry choices you will have to buy. If you only have $80 to spend or if you can afford $3,000, you will find a number of excellent options to make your home stunning.

Additional Information:

Tapestry Standard: Offers a wide selection of classic, moedern, and stylistic tapestries.

Tapestries Ltd.:Home furnishing wholesaler with a wide selection of tapestries, bedding, and decor.

Tapestries Etc. a guide to tapestries and tapestry styles. Also includes some tapestries for sale.
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