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In the last few years, a new trend has shown up the slipcover! The slipcovers of the past were nothing more than a large piece of fabric that was draped over a sofa and tucked in wherever possible. The look was not bad but nothing compared to the results from the slipcovers of today. The new slipcovers are amazing. These slipcovers are designed with incredible style, long-lasting material, and they produce a clean, fitted look that literally transforms an old sofa into a wonderful piece of furniture.

Best of all, you can find slipcovers from a number of manufacturers and can buy them at just about any retail store. One of the leaders when it comes to slipcovers is Sure Fit. They offer every type of slipcover you can imagine, running the gamut from formal to country to contemporary. In addition to buying pre-made slipcovers, you can also use a little ingenuity. To help you save some money and still find the best quality slipcover, consider some of the recommendations provided:
  • Painters Canvas You can find this type of material at most fabric stores for as little as $5.00 per yard or sometimes, home improvement and hardware stores also carry this type of fabric. The nice thing about using canvas is that it is durable, easy to clean, and it looks great! To cover the sofa, simply purchase a piece of canvas large enough and then with a few safety pins that can be hidden, and a few ribbon ties, you can get it to stay in place with no problem. If you have time, you can purchase some stencils and waterproof hobby paint and create a design that matches your décor. Otherwise, a few colorful pillows and you will have a beautiful new couch without the cost.

  • Tablecloths Yes, you can use large tablecloths to cover smaller sofas, chairs, and ottomans. Since you can buy a tablecloth in a number of sizes and shapes, you are sure to find exactly the size needed. By keeping your eyes open, you can pick up some great tablecloths at retail stores, garage sales, estate sales, and so on. All you need to do is wrap the tablecloth over the piece of furniture that you want to cover, pin the edges under and in place, and you are done. To wash it, simply unpin the material.

  • Clothing Never discount any material, even clothing. If you have an old dress or blouse that is beautiful but no longer fits, perhaps the material would make the perfect cover for a seat. For instance, if you have a small two-chair kitchen table set, you could use the dress or blouse material to recover the seats and no one would be the wiser. If you do not have anything old, simply check out the clothing items at your local thrift shop.

  • Old Curtains/Bedspreads If you want a new duvet for your bed or even a slipcover for your sofa or chair, you can use a pair of old curtains or old bedspread that are gorgeous but no longer used.
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