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Home Lighting

Redecorating or building on a new room is an exciting project. You will be busy choosing the floor, wall color, window treatments, furniture, and so on. Another very important feature of the room is the lighting and by choosing the wrong type, the room would not look right. Therefore, you want to choose lighting that is both functional and decorative, not just a light fixture hung up for light.

For example, different lighting creates different looks. If you want the entire room to have adequate light, then you would choose general or ambient lighting. This might include recessed or track lighting for brightness and flexibility. If you are working on an office and need light where you can work or work on hobbies, then you need good task lighting. This type of lighting is glare free, giving you plenty of light but not straining the eyes.

Accent lighting is the type of lighting you would see hanging over a beautiful painting, in a curio cabinet, or focusing down on an expensive vase or sculpture. Typically, this type of lighting is two to three times brighter than general lighting but rather than lighting the entire room, it has a specific focus. Finally, natural lighting is what you get from skylights, windows, doors, and so on. Many people will create the room so natural light is the main source of illuminating the room.

Just remember that you can use one or all of these types of lighting in a single room, depending on what you are trying to accomplish. Lighting serves other purposes than just light. For instance, if you have a smaller room, the right type of lighting can actually make the room look much larger and vice versa. For a narrow room, you can use recessed or track lighting to illuminate one particular wall, giving the illusion of a wider room.

Another problem that many homeowners have is a very high ceiling, which is common with many of the newer built homes. While this presents architectural interest, it does nothing to create a cozy, warm feel in the room. To solve this problem, you can choose only table and floor lamps that keep the light at the level of the lamp and below rather than illuminating upwards. The opposite would be true if you want to make the room look taller. Choose lighting that would cast upwards.

The main thing when shopping for lighting is to remember that you need to make choices that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The functional light needs to provide the right type of light for the purpose it will be used. This would generally be for rooms such as the living room by using behind chair lamps so people can read, light above a piece of artwork, recessed lighting to brighten the whole room, and then accent lamps to brighten specific areas. The functionality is then coupled with the aesthetics of the lamp to ensure you get the best of both worlds a lamp that provides adequate light and one that complements the room.
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