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Home Decor

Are you tired of your outdated home and want to make changes but not sure where to start? Home décor is something fun that can transform a drab looking room into something amazing. Best of all, with home décor, there are no limitations. You can do whatever you like and it does not need to cost a fortune. The key is being creative while knowing what looks good.

For example, when you start buying furniture, wall art, and window treatments, keep the old cliché, less is more in mind. In other words, you do not want a room that is so overloaded with business that the beauty of the room is lost. Instead, choose quality furniture and only the type and number of pieces that will fit comfortably into the room. For art and window treatments, you can blend color and texture but make sure things do not compete for attention.

A great rule to follow is to choose one or two pieces of furniture that you want to place in the room and then build the décor around those pieces. Let us say you have a couch that has a busy floral design. To balance and soften the sofa, you can choose to have two side chairs, one with a coordinating solid color and the other with a strip or plaid with complementary colors.

If you have old antique or heirloom pieces, be sure to display them on a nice piece of lace or in a china cabinet. This creates a clean, finished look that is uncluttered. If you a collection of items, rather than spread them out in the room, keep your collections together. This makes a more powerful and impressive statement whereas single pieces lose their importance.

You can use pillows in a number of ways. For instance, if the room is casual, then a few oversized floor pillows create a nice look while offering additional seating for company. If the room is more on the semi- or formal side, then use pillows on the couch in a number of sizes, colors, and textures. Have fun mixing simple pillows with those that have embroidery, stenciling, or trim of some kind.

If you have a beautiful view from your window, then do not shut it out with heavy window coverings. Instead, choose a nice cornice or valance with softer window treatments and shades. This way, even if you have the shades open, you can see to the outside through the sheer drapery. If the view is not good, then you could enhance the windows more, making the inside of the window the view.

You also want to remember the importance of rugs. Whether choosing one large area rug or several smaller rugs, you want to choose rugs that again, do not compete with each other but instead, draw the colors and textures of the room together. You could use a more muted area rug if you have carpeting and for tile or hardwood floors, you could choose deeper, rich colors.
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