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Romantic Bedroom Decor

If you are a single person or a married couple, having a romantic bedroom creates a loving and cozy environment that is peaceful and inviting. Of all the rooms in the house, you want the bedroom to be your personal retreat. Think of it this way the bedroom is the first room you see when you awaken and the last room you see when you retire. In fact, for many people, the bedroom is also a place to curl up with a good book or listen to your favorite CD.

For these reasons, turning an ordinary bedroom into a romantic bedroom will make your room far more enjoyable. Start by looking at your furniture to see if it needs to be replaced, refinished, or simply rearranged. You want the furniture to be warm, provide adequate storage, and not overwhelm the room in size while also not being too small for the room size. Therefore, determine if you need to make changes with the furniture.

Keep in mind that romantic bedroom décor does not mean lace, frills, and pink or white, although it can. A romantic bedroom can be any color, as long as it is put together properly. For instance, you could take taupe colored walls, rich, full-length curtains of a deep chocolate jacquard, and a comforter of mauve accented with gold, black, and deep brown pillows. In other words, if your husband shuns away from the romantic décor, show him that you can use non-feminine colors to create the romantic affect.

For starters, paint your walls a neutral color such as taupe, ivory, or beige. Then, you can add crown molding that has been painted to complement the room color, creating an amazing look. Other options include faux painting, adding glaze to the primary wall in a contrasting color, creating a stenciled design around the doors and windows, and so on. In fact, you can even use rubber-stamping as a means of creating an impressive wall design.

Once the walls are complete, make sure you have the right type of floor covering. If new carpeting or hardwood floors are not in your budget, you might consider carpet tiles, which are self-adhesive carpet squares that are exceptionally easy to install and they look wonderful, or snap into place wood flooring. If that is still over your budget, then choose a large area rug that has the right colors and design to enhance the room. Be sure the design is not so overpowering that it takes away from the rest of the room but also has enough interest in that it gets some attention.

To create a romantic bedroom, the bed should be the focal point. You do not want to settle on any bedspread or comforter but instead, spend a little money. Start by purchasing quality sheets that have the same colors of the room. Then, choose a comforter or duvet for drama. Again, this is the one piece of linen that you can choose rich, warm colors such as a deep navy blue, chocolate brown with gold and taupe embroidery, various greens. Then on top of the comforter, you need to be sure to add pillows. Start with two large, coordinating pillows stood up against the headboard. Then in front of those, you would have your two bed pillows in shams. Finally, in front of the bed pillows, choose three to five accent pillows of various sizes, colors, and textures.

Bedroom lighting is what will help set the mood. A good option is to choose a three-way bulb or a lamp with a dimmer, setting it on a nightstand so the light can be lowered without any fuss. Candles are also crucial to creating a romantic bedroom. There are literally thousands of options. Choose a nice candle tray and a several candles of complementing color and staggering sizes, set down in a tray that has small pebbles places around the base of the candles.

Artwork is also important but this too needs to be carefully chosen. For example, depending on the rooms color and theme, you could hang soft floral prints or for a more dramatic look, hang black and white photos taken of things around the city in which you live, framed in a black frame with a white matte. Fresh flowers in a decorative vase are a nice touch that adds pops of color and a wonderful fragrance. Finally, do not forget the music and aromatherapy. Choos mood setting music such as Kenny G or Enya and for the scents, make sure they are subtle and not too overpowering. The result will be a magnificent bedroom that is very romantic.
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