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The kids have all moved out and now the once busy home is quiet and feeling a little empty. You have a few spare bedrooms and not sure what to do with them. A great option is to take one empty bedroom and turn it into a spare room for family, friends, and someday, visiting grandkids. Creating a room where people can come to stay while visiting is an excellent way to make people feel at home while providing them with privacy. If you are interested in creating a spare room, there are a few recommendations to make the room come out beautifully.

For starters, you want to keep your guests comfort in mind when choosing the décor. For example, you might want to have extra blankets, throws, or quilts on the foot of the bed of in the closet so they can get warmer if necessary. Additionally, be sure there is a nightlight or at least a lamp by the bedside that has a dimmer option. This way, a guest can find his or her way to the bathroom without stumbling. This type of lamp is also ideal for creating interest with style as well as offering your guests a light to read by, if needed.

You want your guest room to feel like a retreat, a place where you guests can sneak away and relax. Therefore, add a few current magazines, a book or two, candles, a separate set of towels, and perhaps a tabletop fountain. This will create an oasis that is much more than just a spare room.

If you expect to have out of town guests on a regular basis, a vanity would be excellent addition to the room. This way, if your guest is a female, then she can put on her makeup in privacy rather than share the bathroom. If the room were too small for a full vanity, then a large sized mirror would be great. The key to a successful guest room is to make it a comfortable retreat. That means thinking of what your guests need before they ask.

For example, make sure the guest room has an alarm clock with easy-to-read numbers, a wastebasket, an overstuffed chair with lots of pillows, and if possible, a miniature refrigerator stocked with fresh fruit, water, juice, and cheese. Then, think of things that add a special touch. For instance, a fresh bouquet of flowers on the dresser, a nice toothbrush and toothpaste, soap, bubble bath, shaving cream, and so on.

Just as there are things that you should do when putting together your guest room décor, there are also things you should not do. Remember that this is not your room but a place for friends and family to rest and escape. Therefore, make sure you do not keep family photos displayed on the dresser, personal clothing or other items in the closet, and so on. It is all about the guests and nothing about you.

Be sure to avoid using carpet fresheners, air sprays, or perfumes since some people are very sensitive to smells. Finally, choose soothing colors rather than bold colors. Something like a nice country blue, seafoam green, or soft buttery yellow are all great choices accented with a few subtle pops of color.
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