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Adding or changing curtains on your windows can completely transform a room. You can create a fresh, clean look that can be formal or informal depending on the color, texture, and type of fabric chosen. When you get ready to update a room in your home, after the new paint, wallpaper, and furniture, you need to pay special attention to the windows to complete the new look.

The great thing about curtains is that you can find very inexpensive styles and have the change done in just a short time. With fabric, you can achieve so many things. For one, you can use soothing colors to soften the look of the window, use lined curtains to help reduce or eliminate noise, or add rich, deep colors to create an elegant and sophisticated look.

If you have neutral furnishings, the windows are the perfect part of the room to spice up with pop of color whereas busy or colorful furnishings can be subdued with softer, more muted colors over the window. Keep in mind that the color of the curtain is very important but with so many incredible options on the market, you are sure to find something you like. The colors considered cool include white, gray, and blue. These are generally thought of as peaceful and relaxing colors. Colors that create a sense of relaxation and a general please look include browns and greens. To bring a little bit of life to an otherwise calm room, choose yellows, pinks, or reds. The goal is to choose colors that will complement the furniture, room color, and even the architecture.

Additionally, do not be afraid to mix and match floral, plaid, and strip designs. As long as they have complementing color palettes, then this is perfectly fine and looks incredible. Texture is also important when choosing curtains. If you have a Victorian room that is quite elegant, then you could use a velvet or jacquard fabric. If the room were more casual and country, cotton or chenille would be great. For formal rooms, tapestries and sheers are wonderful choices.

The length of the curtain is something else to consider. To create a visual effect of the room begin taller, you can use a full-length curtain. This length is typically considered more formal although you can use different fabrics and color to create a more informal look if you like. Curtains that hit just at the windowsill would be considered more informal and casual. Regardless of the length, you can add a cornice, valance, tieback, or decorative accessories to change the look even more.

Make sure you do not overlook the value of good hardware. Rather than choose a plain curtain rod, today you will find all types of designs. The finals, which are the tip of the rod, come in hand-forged wrought iron designs, crystal balls, wood designs, and so on. Choose a rod and final that will enhance the curtain, completing the look. For example, if you have hung curtains in a family room, and these curtains are casual and somewhat whimsical, then you could choose a color rod with hand-blown glass finals. When it comes to hanging curtains, there is no limit to what you can do and the change will be amazing.

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