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Canopy Beds

Years ago, the canopy bed was considered girly and a bed design that would only be used in a little girls room. Well, that theory has been thrown out the window as adults have discovered that the canopy bed makes a powerful statement. You can create an intimate and romantic look, a rich and warm look, or a very contemporary and stylish look.

The nice thing about the canopy bed is that you can choose a number of sizes, styles, and shapes. Some styles are simplistic while others are very elaborate and sophisticated. If you have a bed that was not designed to accommodate a canopy, you can still create the canopy look. In fact, not covering the entire bed brings about a more elegant look that you will love.

If you are on a budget and want to create your own canopy, you can use a number of fabrics that are easy to find and very affordable. For example, you could use any type of drape. Simply hang curtain rods from the ceiling and then attach the drape or panel to the rod, allowing the material to drape down and over the sides of the bed. If you want, you can alternate panel colors (ivory, chocolate, taupe) or whatever color combination you like to create and gorgeous canopy.

Following are some more great styles to transform your bedroom into something magnificent.

Crown Canopy To accomplish this, all you need to do is attached a cornice or shelving over the head portion of the bed. Staple the fabric and then drape it over the bed and to the sides. If you do not want to mess with either, you can install a half circle of wood and then staple the fabric to it. Another option is to install two smaller pieces of wood on either side of the head of the bed and again, attach the fabric by using a metal ring or tieback hook attached to the wood.

Bed Hanging with Reading Light To make this, you would put a curtain rod on the wall high above the head of the bed. Choose a full valance where panels of coordinating fabric are positioned in the middle. The key is that you want the valance and panels to stand back about six inches from the wall, which can be done by choosing the right type of hardware or by attaching the rod to a raised strip of wood in two pieces so there is a portion of wall without wood. Then for the lights, attach them to the wall where there is no raised wood so the material will not touch.

Canopy with Inset Mirror With this, you can create a crown canopy and then add for the mirrors, you have two choices. You can either add a round mirror that sets back somewhat hidden by the folds of the canopy or, you can use small pieces of mirror and glue them to the inside panels to give them a unique and beautiful look.

Ceiling Canopy You can literally hang an ornate ring about one foot out from the wall and above the head of the bed and then drape sheer panels through, pulling them back toward the wall and using tieback hardware that has been installed in the wall to keep the panels back. This look is beautiful, inexpensive, and easy to do.

When making a canopy bed, there are a few things to keep in mind to make the look exactly what you want:
  • The fabric should puddle on the floor, which gives it the elegant, finished look

  • If you buy fabric rather than use drapes, be sure that you measure from the floor to ceiling and then add another 12 inches to allow for hems and so it can puddle

  • If you have eight-foot ceilings, you will need approximately 24 yards of fabric

  • Stick with luxurious material such as chintz, muslin, silk, or other soft and flowing fabrics

  • If you want to create a more sophisticated look, you can add fringe, trims, or borders to the fabric

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