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There is nothing more wonderful then sliding into fresh, clean sheets to enjoy the softness of the bedding as you sleep. With quality bedding and comforters, this is exactly what you will get. Luxury bedding is the type of quality you will find in five-star hotels but now with so many manufacturers offering elegant bed linens, you can buy them at your local department store or even online.

To give you an idea of the quality bedding you can enjoy, consider the two manufacturers below. Although you do pay a bit more for luxury, once you have slept in a bed dripping with find linens, you will never go back.


Supplying some of the most elegant hotels in the world, first-class rails, and luxury ocean liners, this Italian company knows the true meaning of luxury. You can purchase Italian and French linens as well as Swiss and Egyptian cottons that are unmatched. Whether you are looking for top quality bedding for a baby, teen, or adult, Frette has it all.

Edmond Frette started this company in Grenoble, France in 1860. He opened his first linen shop in Milan in 1878 and by 1881 the company had began dressing the beds of the royal household under the reign on Queen Margherita. Throughout the years, Italian aristocrats such as the Colonnas, Viscontis, Serras, and others have enjoyed the luxurious linens by Frette.

Today, Frette has shops in Chicago, Aspen, San Francisco, Costa Mesa, and its mega-store, Beverly Hills where the rich and famous buy these linens by the dozens. You know that every piece you purchase from Frette is made from the finest material and superior craftsmanship. The company has a strong philosophy the highest level of quality is the basic requirement for creating a strong identity and trademark. This philosophy has proven to be right in that the lines are among the greatest in the world and backed 100% by Frette. To see some of the gorgeous styles that you can buy, visit their showroom at . HYPERLINK "http://www.showroom@finpart.com" ..www.showroom@finpart.com..

The second company is Bellino Fine Linens where luxurious bed linens are considered a staple. For instance, the damask patterned sheets are designed with beautiful embroidered touches that include jacquard motifs and hemstitched borders. You can purchase Bellino linens online or at some fine retailers around the world.

The linens created by Bellino Fine Linens have been made for more than three generations. Each item is manufactured in factories owned by Bellino and processed with strict supervision to ensure they meet the high standards. Only the highest quality material is used and woven in Italy especially for Bellino. To give you an idea, Alba is made from 100% Egyptian cotton Jacquard, is made in Italy, and of 360 count, Caravaggio is also made from 100% Egyptian cotton, made in Italy, and comes in 380 count. A few other styles include Lady Di, 100% Egyptian cotton Jacquard, which is an elegant medley of flowers and bows that are beautifully framed with sateen flanged and custom hemstitched. San Remo is another collection made from 100% Egyptian cotton sateen and comes in a number of gorgeous colors such as Sand, Caramel, Pink, Yellow, Blue, Green, and Beige.
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