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For some reason, many people overlook the importance of a well-decorated bathroom and although they want the room to look great but what do you do with a bathtub, toilet, and sink. Redecorating a bathroom is a fun project that has an abundance of options. With the right colors and accessories, you can turn your boring bathroom into another beautiful room in the home.

First, the walls need to be changed. If your have a small, short bathroom, you can use earth tone stripes on one or all of the walls to create a taller looking room. The key is to choose two colors that complement each other without competing. You can also choose a neutral color for the walls and then enhance them with rubber-stamping, faux treatments, or stenciling. The most important thing is to use a satin finish that can be washed.

If you choose to use wallpaper in the bathroom, make sure you choose the right type due to the moisture. You will find thousands of colors and designs and even wallpaper textured and types that can be painted or made from fabric. When using wallpaper, you can cover all of the walls or simply choose one wall to become the accent.

One of the most important things when decorating a bathroom is to update the lighting fixture. Sconces are a very popular choice that creates a romantic and sophisticated look. Other great options is to choose ambient lighting with a dimmer, lamps that coordinate with the rooms color and theme, and you might even consider putting in a skylight for natural lighting.

The hardware is also crucial when redecorating a bathroom. In the 1970s, the shiny metal was the hot choice but today, brushed nickel or brass stand out as being elegant yet durable. Accents will need to be added as well, helping to create points of interest and pops of color. The fun aspect of adding the accent pieces is that you can show off a little bit of your style and character. Whether sophisticated, casual, contemporary, or whimsical, this time is when you can choose things that reflect you. Even the toothbrush holder and soap dish should be something special and not just pieces you grabbed on sale. Choose pieces that have great color and texture to complement the room.

Do not forget the shower curtain. It used to be that you hung up a plastic panel and that was it. Today, you can hang sheer panels from the ceiling and then use unique tiebacks. A beautiful option is to choose sheers in three coordinating colors. For instance, you could hang a mauve sheer with an ivory and beige sheer. Using three or six and alternating the colors, you have created something special that is stunning.

Finally, plants are also great ways to enhance the look of your bathroom. If you have enough floor room, a potted palm would be gorgeous but if you are limited on space, consider hanging a shelf and then placing two small plants or cactuses.
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